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POMM is changing the face of Nightlife in India. We endeavor to assemble the best Party Crew- A team of super heros to provide thousands of shiny happy people and an unlimited supply of music, memories, parties and awesomeness.

Join our five-star team Senior Manager of Business Marketing

Marketing - (Pune, MS, India)
Job Code: POMM-SMBM01
POMM is looking for a top-notch marketer to lead our lead generation marketing to local businesses as the Senior Manager of Business Marketing. The Senior Manager of Local Business Marketing will be responsible for attracting hundreds of thousands more such businesses to POMMs advertising programs - by supporting the local sales team with new technologies such as marketing automation and by leveraging email offers, direct mail and potentially new acquisition channels.

Acquire hundreds of thousands of new customers to POMM Ads via direct email, online marketing and direct mail channels.
Develop and manage the marketing programs for POMMs self-serve ads program.
Design, implement, test, measure and refine a marketing automation program to nurture and score leads for the Yelp sales team.
Execute marketing programs such as social media marketing
4 - 8 years experience in business marketing and lead generation
Successful track record at a blue chip company of acquiring business customers via direct mail campaigns and online marketing channels (affiliates, ad networks, SEM, SEO, etc).
Outstanding writing and presentation skills (youll be doing these personally).
Detail orientation needed to manage 5+ parallel projects alongside inbound requests from colleagues. Strong foundation in financeanalytics gained via consulting, MBA or a comparable experience
Small business marketing experience a big plus.

To apply for this job email your Updated CV to hr@partyonmymind.in with job code in subject.

Brand Ambassadors

Branding- (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Indore)
Job Code: POMM-BA01
Promote POMM and Party Week Calendar at your university or in your region!

A Brand Ambassador (BA) will lead a joint marketing campaign in their area to help promote The Party Week. The BAs will work along side the Marketing Manager who has the overall responsibility for marketing and sales.

Working with POMM is inspiring and requires good social skills as well as know-how in marketing and sales. This field of work allows you to put your academic knowledge into practice in day to day life.

Its a great deal of fun!

Please fill out THIS FORM to take a first step in applying for the position.

Operations- (Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Indore)
Job Code: POMM-PAV01
Positions for 2014 are open, we encourage all talent to submit an application

This is an unpaid position, but trust us, it is worth doing even if you normally would not work for free. An epic experience of partying is promised!

A videographer with equipment is a plus.

Common Questions

Do I have to be a Party Goer to apply for a job?

No... but it sure helps! Passion for technology and what makes POMM tick are common themes among those who work here. Not everyone is an avid party goer, but we do encourage you to create a profile and spend time poking around on the site to understand what we are about and what we strive to do for our users.
What is the interview process like at POMM?

It varies. It could include a code test, a writing sample, phone interviews, onsite interviews, and many things in between. No process is quite the same. We try to keep it quick and fun, but we want to make sure that what we offer is a good match for what you want (and vice versa).

I just submitted my application. What can I expect?

Youve put time and effort into applying, so our recruiting team will give your application the attention it deserves. If we feel there is a potentially good fit, we will contact you to begin the interview process. We receive a lot of applications, so we cant respond to each one-though wed like to!

How long does it take to process my application?

It may take two weeks to a month to review your application.

Note: POMM does not accept agency resumes. Please do not forward resumes to any recruiting alias or employee. POMM is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

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